Thursday, June 25, 2015

Undergraduate Teaching or Research

Did you know that you can receive up to 6 h credit for CHE 498/499 (as a career or CHE elective) and satisfy the requirement for a professional experience? CHE 498 is for experiences like undergraduate research and REU programs that have a significant science component. Other experiences like internships and co-ops can earn you credit in CHE 499 (3 h max). See the earlier blog entry for co-op experiences.

If you are interested in a CHE 499 teaching experience, you can help teach an undergraduate CHE course if you earned an "A" in it and have the instructor's permission. Generally, this includes helping to grade homework and exams, hold help sessions and tutorials, provide feedback, and give a few lectures. You can talk to me (Dr. Lane) or directly to an instructor.

If you are interested in a CHE 498 research experience, let me (Dr. Lane) know and I will post your resume and other information in a dropbox that the faculty use to identify potential students. You can also talk to the individual research groups directly. Call me (205-331-3117) with any questions!

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